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radiator caps

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I have a 2003 WR250/290F and was going to replace my original radiator cap. I have read about changing the cap with one set at a different pressure rating. I was not thinking of going wild but just to the next size up. The current cap is a 1.1bar. Does anyone know is the YZ250F or any of the 450's have a 1.2bar cap that I would be able to use. Part number or year and model of bike would help.

I am not currently having issues but while replacing a 7yr old cap I would like to bump it up just a bit.

Thanks in advance

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I don't know the answer for cap pressure, but since you did ask about part numbers....

The 03 WR250F radiator cap is part number 5HD-12462-00-00

The 03 YZ250F has part number 5HD-12462-00-00

Just for giggles I checked the 09 yz450f part: 22W-12462-00-00

I think the likes of a kx500 cap are 1.6 which of course may be too much but I'd look into other mfg bike pressures.

I think Yamaha charges around $45 for their cap. Some do online ordering for around $25 for an aftermarket cap.

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