Chain questions yz 426

Well its time for a new chain and sprockets on the 426. What is the deal with sooo many different chains? Anyone have a recommendation on which one and why? Steel or Aluminum sprockets? O ring or non O ring?

Ive been trying to find a thread on this but I haven't came up with anything..

Are the Rockymountain Primary drive kits good? Go with the RDO or spend the extra and get the ORH?

Thanks in advance!

I like the aluminum Renthal I went a little Bigger or Lower depending on where you ride an RK 520 O ring and a Moose front all good stuff won't break the bank,the only thing I find about the wider O ring chain is the master link clip gets worn by the chain guide

Myself, I like to run RK X-ring chains and steel sprockets. I had Ironmans on my 426 and will probably put a set on the 450 when it comes time. A worn out chain will destroy good sprockets, and vice versa.

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