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Strange rebound stack KTM PDS 2008

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This is what I have found on the piston 2 rebound on 2008 KTM 200exc.





The 36 shim with 21 ID is using the 21x1 shim as a “shaft” and is going up and down free for 0.75mm.

Stock is:

22 x0.3

36 x0.3

With 16 ID

This is a setup made by a tuner that has a dyno.

The rest of the setup is stock except the piston 1 face compression shims are changed from 1-44 x0.25 (stock) to 5- 44 x0.2.

What do you think about this strange rebound?

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I thought this setup was pretty common on KTMs? I'm told some years even had this arrangement from the factory. It makes sense from a tuning point of view because it converts the secondary piston rebound into a check plate so the needle has no influence on rebound.

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