kx250f throttle cable adjusters.

guys, i know how to adjust the throttle cables at the TOP of the cables by the throttle tube but mine are almost outa adjustment, how do i adjust the cables at the bottom right where they connect onto the pulley on the carb? i just dont get how the lock nuts and adjusters work......:smirk::banghead:

anyone? i really need to get this done....

If you're completely out of adjustment up top, might I suggest new cables before your current ones break mid ride?

sounds like your cables are shot! once the cable stretches it has stretched. You are jus going to have to deal with the slack in the tube till you get some new cables.

well im not completly maxed out yet but i like to have full range of adjustment up top so i can adjust during a ride. i found u that u really cant adjust them down below. im getting new cables today at the shop since i work at a shop. thanks anyways guys.

try lubing them once in awhile...

yea i usually do, i lube em about every 10 hours with bel ray 6 in 1.

AH, ok. personally I would try some different ones like motion pros.

well i thaught bout it, but the shop only had the OEM ones and im racing this week end and iv had really good luck with OEM cables, its just one of those things i guess lol.

yeah ur at the mercy of the dealer at that point, let the saudomy begin.

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