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Free power mod - did I do something wrong ?

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My voltage at the battery at all rpms before the free power mod:

12.8 volts with lights on

13.5 volts with lights off (toggled)

After free power mod:

14.25 volts with lights on

14.5 volts with lights off

I gained a full volt of power with lights off and 1.5 volts with lights on. I think the tutorial said there would be a gain of at least 0.5 volts.

I'm not sure I did it right, but I just extended the black and red wires from the rectifier to the battery and sealed off the black and red wires to the harness.


1. Did I do the mod correctly?

2. Does this mean my AC generator and RR are working correctly?

3. On my other bikes the voltages changes with rpm. This one does not. Does that mean something is wrong.

I want to make sure I didn't do something wrong.


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Try another meter.

Charge the battery and retest.

Remember the voltage may go down on your meter as the rpm is increased. So test at idle and then increase the rpm. The meter reading falls off because the regulator is kicking in and the meter can't keep up so it averages and reads low.

"gained a full volt of power with lights off and 1.5 volts with lights on" Not according to the info you posted.

I don't see that you did anything wrong.

Possibly a rare regulator problem.

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Well then, that's different. Looks perfect. Another happy customer. See what some good wiring and connections will do for you.

Check the fuse holder and the connector from the battery to the fuse. You are no longer charging thru that stuff but you are still running the motorcycle thru those connections. Gaining 1.5 volts is rare and means you had abnormally large losses some place. Might have just been in the RR connector that you eliminated but still worth looking around.

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