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KLX650 thoughts and reviews and parts and such

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I was offered a 94 KLX 650 with the vulcan big bore kit, piped, heated grips, handguards, well maintained bike plus a couple G for my 09 versys with a tbr pipe, 12v outlet, heated grips, sw motech alurack, hepco and becker engine guards.... ive been wanting to get back onto a dual sport but not sure if i want to buy a cheap ds bike and keep the v for long road hauls or sell it and get something like a klr,klx,dr,xrl 650.... Seems to not be much in the way of aftermarket for the klx not that this bike needs anything besides a bigger tank which seems to be a hard find for a reasonable price... any thoughts on the KLX

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I used have a 94' KLX650. I had it for over ten years and loved it. I put well over

30,000 hard miles on it (mostly offroad) and she never let me down. I put an FMF pipe

and Dynojet kit on it and that was it. Yank the snorkle from inside the airbox for better

airflow and she ran like a champ. Two valve adjustments, change the oil when needed.

It was a very reliable bike. The only negative thing was the fact that it was very cold

blooded. Especially in the winter or if it's been sitting for a long time.

It's definitely a tank but it's better offroad than a KLR. Probably very similar to the


I think Kawasaki made a mistake by discontinuing the KLX. What they should've done

is discontinue the KLR and put a little money and R&D into the KLX650 (Dualsport)

to compete with Husky and KTM. That seems to be what people want these days is

more dirt oriented bike that can be ridden on the freeway.


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I guess I would say that, when there are so many inexpensive and low mileage dual sports around for sale, it doesn't make much sense to look at the KLX. The model was only around a couple of years and did not gain a very big following. Not saying it was a bad bike, but parts, service and general knowledge of them is not nearly as great as something like a 650L.

I figure it would have to net out to well under $2k be something I would consider.

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I had the "R" version of this bike. It was a '96 and the last year it was made. I put an Acerbis 4.75 gal tank on it for desert and baja. It was a good bike, but top heavy. I will say that jetted correctly, this bike was easily as fast as my XR650R. It had a great motor. That said, today I would probably look elsewhere as there is just not enough parts support for this bike.

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