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Zinc and Phosphorus lovers, Check this!

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Engine side only, but its got the good stuff in it!


More NASCAR Sprint Cup and top NHRA crew chiefs use Valvoline. Valvoline Specialty Racing Oil is a special low-detergent, high zinc formula originally hand blended for our professional race teams. Recommended for race engines only, this additive package is designed to deliver increased horsepower and wear protection. Not for use in wet clutch applications.

That means dont put it in the trans! 😏

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Wonder how that compares to Red Line racing 50W (15w50)? The VOA's on Red Line have some of the highest additive packs on the market.

If its legal to run in an automobile, it doesnt have the zinc and phosphorus that this stuff does.

Zinc and Phs degrades and eventually destroys the catalytic converters. Thats why they took it out of the oil, and then labeled the ineffective shit "Energy Conserving" 😏

They recently took the zinc and others stuff out of Shell Rotella too. Since diesels now have cats under them too.

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Hey, sounds promising. Somebody switch to it and do an analysis...then let the rest of us know! LoL

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but the hi-moly stuff slips for me...

As an aside: The prev owner of one of my CRF's had either Silkolene or Honda high-moly oil in it, can't rem for sure, and it slipped. Got me a better price on the bike b/c of it. When I saw all the moly in the gearbox, I was pretty sure what the prob was. (Running a Rekluse). Ran ATF for a few hrs to clean the plates off, and voila: made $200 with a $3.69 investment. Thanks moly!

Personally I would not use any kind of engine oil instead of a gearbox oil; Gear oil or ATF just shift "too much better"...

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