FMF Q2 question about spark arrestor

Hi. I'm new here. I have an 03 YZ250F and just purchased an 01 YZ426F. I'm looking at getting a used FMF Q2 for the 426 but have a question I need answered first. The Q2 supposedly has some sort of turbine type spark arrestor. Is this contraption serviceable, removable or replaceable? I ask because I need it to have a spark arrestor but the seller claims it doesn't have one. I'm thinking that he might just think that it doesn't have one because there is no screen in it or something along those lines. Thanks any information you may be able to give me :smirk:

I have the Q2 on my '00 426. The spark arrestor is way down inside the end cap. You can't see it unless you look down inside it. There is a cone shaped piece at the forward end of a perforated tube/screen type deal. If you don't see that, then someone probably cut it out for some reason.

Get a dowel rod or welding rod and put it into the muffler to see if you feel the arrestor.....this is what the rangers do when they are checking

OK, I thought this "turbine type" spark arrestor might be more than just a screen. The exhaust is for sale on ebay so I can't check myself.

If it has a real USFS spark arrestor in it, it will be stamped as such on the muffler body.

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