rear wheel

Ive got a question. Ive recently bought a 2000 yz 426 and was told you had to replace the whole rear wheel when the bearings got bad instead of just replacing the bearings, and that it was a solid unit that the bearings were a part of the wheel. Any truth to this?

You should be able to replace the bearings unless the hub is damaged.

Did the same guy offer to sell you a bridge? Or a rear wheel, maybe?

It's BS. The wheel bearings are entirely serviceable.

LOL! that's like saying you cant change tires

LOL! that's like saying you cant change tires

Ya I figured it was BS. Thanks guys!

I just did this when I redid my rear wheel (rim bent bad). I replaced my rim, spokes, sprocket bolts and bearings. But I had to dremel the last part of one of the bearing out of my hub after bending the bearing puller.. everything else was easy.

I would get a nice long punch and buy the bearing puller and after soaking it with a pbblaster type spray, then I would cut the race if it doesnt budge.

Good luck.

Wish I had poder coated the hub but I was trying to stay on a budjet.

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