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Which fork springs would be best for me?

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Choosing between progressive rate, .47 kg or .50 kg straight-rate springs. (or other suggestions?)

No offroad. 100% street, but absolutely must still be able to handle crappy pavement during a lean better than or equal to the stock springs. This is extremely important.

I ride hard on some very patchy roads, with potholes, stray branches, kicked up gravel, etc. Twisty and fun as hell, but it can range from flawless fresh layed blacktop to some faded grey bumpy cracking mess.

I'm in the 250 pound area and the DR is at stock height with a 21" front wheel. Ride comfort is of little concern. (if it was, I'd drop the money on a seat instead)

I really only want to upgrade them to rid the horrid brake-dive that turns my fun rides into scary-critical braking exercises.

Having better handling in an normal undisturbed curve would also be a plus. ­čśĆ

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I went with straight rate .50's from Jesse and love them. Initially I was going to install emulators as well but, the springs alone were enough of an improvement for me. JMHO

Adding Emulators or Intiminators are another level of improvement over just the springs.

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