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Whats the better set up with Valve combinations

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Anyone know what is the better combination for valves and seats?

I know the valves in my bike are Billet titanium with copper beryllium seats.

The valves are delwest but not sure what the springs are.

The jap bikes have sintered titanium valves which are different to solid billet valves.

I have read in many forums that the kibblewhite valves with standard seats are supposed to be a good combination too.

Also the valve springs are critical as let them go for too long with valve bounce and they can break. Some one told me the seats under the valve springs can be shimmed to make the valve a little tighter in the retainers. That is so long as the spring is not fully compressed to the stage of each coil touching, that would not be good for the spring either.

Any one know of intervals for replacement of valves and springs etc?

Where are the threads for FCR carby 39mm tuning?

Anyone tech savy on this stuff, I am new to these H/P 4 strokes.

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