Trail Tech computer question.

I just put a Trail Tech on my bike the other day. I went for a ride yesterday and the thing was reading over double for mileage and M\H. I thought maybe I had it in KM\H but it is not. So this morning I rechecked my installation and can't find any thing I did wrong. I double checked the calibration and even tried the 2205 setting and it still is wrong. I switched it over to KM\H and it reads way high like it should. Any one had this problem?


Make sure the sensor is reading in the center of its range. It is easy to get double readings if the sensor is not in the right postion. You may not get a double reading every rotation so you get real funky speeds. The unit is very accurate when you put in the right wheel diameter. I think mine is set at 2150 to allow for tire flex. :)

I had the same problem too. I just relocated the pick up sensor a bit further away so the magnet could trigger it only once . Works great now. :)

The pick up sensor position is the key for it to work right. Look at the instructions again for proper mounting, as your sensor is too close, causing double readings. Mine is right on at the 2155 default setting and works great, and yours will too!

Thanks guys,

I guess I could have looked at the instructions a little closer. I repositioned the sensor and it is working great! :)


If further help is needed the Trail Tech fellas are members right here on old TT.

Here's a link to a thread that Trail Tech responded to, with an e-mail address listed as well.

Trail Tech

Either PM them or E-mail them.

If needed.

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