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Who makes the best pressure washer????

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brand is not as important as componets. Different brands merely assemble the different componets.

here's what to look for

Honda motor - as far as single cylinders go they are hands down the best. it will cost a little more with one, but it's worth it.

flow sensitinve unloader. Pressure unloaders are ok but more abrupt and more likely to fail.

cat triplex pumps are the bets. General ts series are also very good.

for your bike don't use more than 2000psi. if your washer is more then use a higher flow nozzle to reduce the pressure. ie - if your washer is 3000 psi ans 3.5gpm, use a 4 or 4.5 gpm nozzle and you will reduce your pressure.

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I have a karcher that just went.I got it free from a friend,the pressure reg went.I just bought from northern tool a northstar 2,200 psi with a honda 5.5 engine for 200.00 plus 30.00 for shipping.The item is really on ebay under pressure washer but i wanted to pay with credit card,so i called northern and the took care of it. 🙂

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Several of us here got Karcher 2400 HH units from Costco a couple of months ago. they've got the Honda 5 hp motor and seem to work very well.

If I recall, they were $299.00. That's about $100.00 less than anything comparable I found on the net - or elsewhere.

I use mine (w/ the 40 degree tip) mostly for the bikes, but I do "sweep" my porch w/ it about every (2) weeks.

FWIW: Here in Utah, they've been making a big deal about water conservation. I think I've gone a long way in conserving water by using a pressure washer to do what I used to do w/ a standard hose/nozzle.


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