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07- XC 250 F Carb issues - HELP!!!

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I just got this bike and it has like 2 hrs on it. So it's been sitting for almost 2 yrs. Bike would only crank when choked and opening up the throttle so I....

removed and cleaned Gas tank and petcock.

Added fresh 93 octane gas.

removed carb and cleaned - Bowl, all 3 jetts. and Main was clogged pretty bad with some green/yellow gum. Sprayed everything down with carb cleaner.

I added a moose air/fuel screw by the directions to a T.

I changed the oil and oil filter.

Bike fired right up on choke and will idle some what.

But when I try and give it gas it just bogs down and dies.

I tried to ride it hoping it would clear up but it does the same thing.­čśĆ

Thanks in advance for any help.

O yeah, I also noticed oil leaking out of one of the carb drain lines I do believe.

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It ended up being something in the accelerator pump being clogged.

I took it up to my local shop out of frustration and of course my buddy says

"did you check the accelerator pump".

There still seems to be a little hesitation off of idle to opening up the throttle.

Are any of you guys putting jet kits or just a bigger main jet in these XC F's?

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yes, re-jet, o-ring on AP, etc. Also be sure to check the actual squirt of the nozzle into the carb. It should be a good squirt that goes all the way thru the carb and out the other side by several feet. A nice clean squirt with no "spray" or dribbling. You need to remove the carb to do it. You can get several squirts before the AP goes dry. Wear glasses and be sure to point it with the intake towrds you and the ,otor side away from you. Most bikes that Ive worked on that had plugged up jets that were real bad also had a plugged nozzle like Im talkin abiut. I clean them out by using a very fine strand of wire held by needle nose pliers and you reach in the bore and stab the hole to clean it out. Sometimes takes several clean, squirt, clean, squirt cycles to get it cleaned out.

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Thanks for the tips!

Yeh, I got to talking to the mechanic who worked on my carb and he said the same thing about cleaning it. I also noticed that my carb bowl and the piece above that looked to be wet around the seal. It was really dusty at our race so I can see where it's wet around the bowl gasket. Should I replace the seal/gasket or did the mechanic not tighten the screws enough on the bowl.

I found a JD jet kit on KTM cycle hut for 75.99.


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the carb has a bowl and the upper part is a two piece design as well. DONT use a carb dip or soak the carb to clean it. This will eat the inner gasket between the two halves and it is NOT avail to purchase from any where Ive heard of. Is that info any help? You can check the bowl to see if the gasket is out of place, also check the o-rings in the AP.

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