Magura "Jack" Clutch

Put the new magura clutch on my 450 this weekend and it broke on the 4th lap of a hare scramble today. The nipple on the end of the rod broke off at the clutch arm. Just curious if this is a freak accident or if anyone else has had this problem. The action of the clutch was great and i was loving it til it failed. If this is weak link on these I would just as soon go back to a cable. It is not worth the places lost to a failure.

I have a Magura Jack on my 426 SuperMoto and I love it, it has been on for over a month and, I have ridden it hard for long periods of time, the only thing I can think of is that the sleeve bushing that go's on over that rod/nipple to hold the rod to the actuator arm may have bound up, it should not break at all.

Magura will stand behind this for sure, they will send you a complete slave cylinder replacement, make sure you have them send the washers that seal the oil line bolt to the slave cylinder, then when you put it back on use some white lithium grease on that sleeve bushing (the silver piece) so that it can rotate smoothly in the actuator arm and you should be ok,

I love mine and have not had a single problem with it.


How much lighter was the clutch lever effort with the Jack ? Make it feel like a Jap 125,250? DRZ400?

It is now a pinkie pull clutch. The only bike I had with a clutch pull close to this easy was an 00 Husaberg FE501E. It blows the KTM's away. :)


It is a super easy clutch pull.I have found myself using one finger to clutch and it's right by the perch. :) and i use the clutch all the time not to just start and stop.

I really like it now that i have it.At first i was unsure about the clutch but now i like it.I see them on Ebay with a buy it now for $180 all the time.

On a side note i would recommend getting the stainless steel line.It does add $40 ,but i saw the plastic line melt and then no clutch.

so i shouldnt be worried about the nipple braking off from the rod and just take this as an isolated incident not a manufacturing defect :D :D because i really want a hydraulic clutch.. :D :D :)

sorry i thought it was a should i get the clutch thread.I would say don't worry about it probaly was a fluke.I've had mine on for a few months and have had zero problems.Call them up and they'll send you a new cylinder.

Good Luck

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