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The Beast is awake!!

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Hey lads as some of you know, i had to split the cases and rebuild my DRz 400 because i had a Counter balance shaft nut come loose and caused the crank to get it's ass kicked by the Balancer!! Anyway im happy to report that with the help of this Fourm, ive Rebuilt a Badass DRZ 425cc!! while i was building the motor' i fit a new counter balance shaft and Bearings,a Hotrods 4mm Stroker crank! (425cc), replaced the Piston and rings with a 13,1 comp JE Piston/ 'E' Base Gasket, and a set of Hotcams, stage 1 Intake & stage 2 Exhaust, that i found on Ebay 😏. And i also found a FCR 39 MX on Ebay and ordered the adapator and JD jet kit to make the FCR work on my SM!!! and just before I fired Her up i uncorked my Yosh RS3' .. ive just been out Running her in MOTO TUNE style and "GOD DAM" can this ting Pull like a Train!! it accelerates like a Badass 450 motocross bike and Sounds pure evil:worthy: .All these mods absolutely Transformed the DRZ into a Badass Supermoto!! 😏

Just tought id share my Delight with yas!:cheers:


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