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Beta Rev 270 and Gas Gas EC 300 jetting for sea level and 6000-8500 feet

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I'm six foot 200LBS a normal B rider.

I just purchased a used 2003 Beta Rev 270 and I have a 2001 Gas Gas EC 300

If you can please send me basic Jetting and needle settings for one or both areas this would be fantastic. I'll be running the Beta with high test 70/1 or 80/1 with octane booster as recomended and the Gas Gas at 40/1 or 50/1

I think for New England the Gas Gas should be 178MJ and 42PJ or 175MJ/40PJ ?

Jetting ranges

1) I live in Lake Tahoe 6500 elev and I ride from 6000-8500 feet.

2) I'll be moving back to New England in two months and will be riding 0-3500 feet elev.



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