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230L (black one) power up mod??

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My friend purchased the black 230L recently, and I was telling him about the power up mod over the phone and he was intrigued.. then he got here and I noticed his exhaust is totally different then the offroad bike..

I have yet to attempt to install my 150f tip into his bike and see if it works.. But was curious if there is a power up mod for this bike? Or would he just be stuck with drilling holes in the exhaust tip?

Also just curious if anyone knows of any other difference on this bike then an offroad 230? Obviously it has a bigger stator, all the street stuff.. But are the motors, and air filters, and other stuff all the same? Would a 230f cam work on a 230l?

Also what is his model number called?? I tried looking up 230L but can't find them in black and they aren't listed on hondas website that I can see...

He's coming over in like 30 minutes so I can show him to change the oil. Curious if anyone has recommendations on MILEAGE he should change his oil at? He says he has 2k miles on original oil! I told him he should start changing it every 300-1k MAX. But I'm not sure on a dual sport how often it should be changed. I do 500-1k intervals on my sport bike that holds 4 quarts lol

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By "the black 230L" I guess you mean the 230M or motard version, which is pretty much the same as the L model except for the plastics and rim sizes. I don't know if they improved the brakes for the M model or not.

The L and F models are different animals as far as carbs, airbox, exhaust and several engine parts go. For example, the L/M has that air injection port in the head, just before the head pipe. Cams look the same except that the F cam is slightly more aggressive. Nobody to my knowledge has tried an F cam in an L motor.

If I remember right, the recommended oil changes are at 600 miles, 2600 miles, 4600, etc. but I changed mine at 400, 1000 and 2000.

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ok just got done working on his bike, he already pulled his exhaust tip, personally I think it sounds like crap, but ehh...

I checked his air filter also, a paper or 'element' type, is there a foam replacement for it? And can you clean and reuse the stock one?

Any recommendations on power up mod? I noticed his air box 'snorkel' doesn't really seem small enough to restrict air flow.. But we still might remove his air box lid anyways..

Should I just attempt to upjet the bike like a 230f? Or should I not go as aggressive with the jetting?

I'm assuming it would still be wise to go up 1 size on the pilot, and a few sizes on the main (say 10-15 numbers up,not sizes)??

Also are aftermarket cams available for this motor, are they the same as 230f if anyone knows? And are big bore kits the same?

Wanting to give him good info on the bike, he definitely wants to upgrade it. I'm gonna look into some dual sport tires with a more aggressive off road pattern for him

edit: I know I know, search! Just figured I'd ask a broad range of questions.. Not needing 100% exact specs or anything... Just have a broad range of questions! I know my way around my 150f pretty good, but know nothing of his bike except whats common lol

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The stock air filter is a disposable paper one, but it's actually pretty good due to the large filter area. There are no mass produced 230L filters due to the unique plastic frame. I cobbled together a k&n by carefully cutting out the stock filter and mounting the k&n in the stock frame. I posted a how-to on the 230L site. Turbo City now does this for (I think) about 40 bucks.

For most 230L uncorkings people go up 5 numbers on the pilot (35 to 40) and 12 numbers up on the main (118 to 130).

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