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1986 XR600r Speedo drive alternative

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Hey all! so i've got this xr600r (1986) that i've been cleaning up a bit. like quite a few that i've seen at this age the threads are busted that hold the cable in, and it is siezed. i'm trying to find something that i can put there in place of the speedo drive as i'm not too concerned with speed. (front wheel will be off the ground most of the time anyways.) I've used the search and found one from XRs only and EnduroEng for teh XR600 but i think it is for the later models, so i'm not sure if it will work.

One other thing i was thinking about was to cut out the plastic tabs in the speedo drive, silicone the metal speedo tab and put it back on. (cheap route)

Any ideas? TIA

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