Circlip loose on re-install

So after successfully replacing the cam chain, figured I would do the shift stopper as well. I replaced the stopper surprisingly easy (way easier than my yz125) but I went to put the gear back in place that I had to remove to access the shift stopper (kick idle gear I believe) and the stupid little circlip fits very loose on it now, like I must have bent it or somethign when removing it... I did use the proper snap ring pliers :smirk: But it wont compress back to be tight enough for my liking, any tricks to getting it tight again? IF not I supppose I'm off to ace hardware again, hopefully they have something that will fit cuz I need to ride this badboy this weekend and dont want to wait for an oem $2 circlip:banghead:

here's a pic of it


two things you can do - buy a new circlip, you don't need to buy a YAMAHA circlip although it is preferred, you can take your existing to a hardware store and size it up with what they have - go just a hair smaller since yours is stretched to a little bigger.The other thing you can do is use some linesman's pliers and put a little pressure on the sides of the clip pushing it back together a little tighter, however, your clip is weaker now and I do not recommend this be done to anything critical where it may pop off.

By the book, you're supposed to always replace snap rings whenever you remove them. If they are the least bit suspect, definitely replace them.

Ok hopefully Ace will have something that will work. I didn't realize I was going to have to remove that gear until I got in there, I did the same part update to my 05 yz125 a month ago, and I didn't have to remove any gears, but I guess there's a few differences between a 125 and 450 lol

sure enough ace had something that fit perfect, got her all back together today, new cam chain, steering head bearings, shift stopper,and an oil change, ready to be abused at the supermoto track on sunday :smirk:

the compression difference between the 125 and 450 is amazing, after kicking the 450 over and then going to kick 125, I literally thought the 125 had something wrong with it lol, also when replacing the pressure plate on the 125 I had a hard time holding it in place while torqueing the bolts/springs down, but the 450 didnt even think about turning over with the wrench on it

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