what's a go triple clamp for 99 yz400 to get more room..

I thinking about changing the top clamp to get more riding room, any sugestions...

where to get one, if any is selling one

I just got one from GYT-R (the Yamaha factory racing arm) for my 01 426. It is a little pricey, but it gives you 4 different positions to try ( 2 mounting holes and reversing the handlebar clamps) Makes a BIG difference in both the corners and it is more comfortable for me jumping (I favor the rigor mortis jumping style, so I can move back a litlle and then freeze in terror).

Applied has a adjustable one for the bike. I had asked about it because they say it gives it the ergos of the new bike with a 5mm offset like the 426 which makes the bike turn quicker and give the cockpit more room to move. Or you can go to the Pro-Taper Handlebar system it will raise the bars up when you install the universal mounts to the stock triples(I think that it raises it about 2 inches above the stock).


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check www.BRPit.com

They are very helpful.


Tom Higdons suggestion on GYT-R Tclamp is the one I would get. Check out the Yamaha accessories webpage for pictures. I have a Scotts Tclamp with steering damper, which is good quality but not enough forward (my armspan is like an ape at 6'4"). The GYT-R setup can put you more forward. My friend has a 250F with this setup and his bike fits me much better than my 426 with the Scotts Tclamp. The only issue is that the rebound damping screw is covered by the bars in the forward positions. When I get my WR250F, I will go with this t clamp, but use the optional 10mm higher perches and a CR-mid instead of my normal CR-Hi bend bars. Maybe then I can get at the adjustment without removing the bars. Good Luck!

I second BRP, very helpful, priced good, and will custom build your clamps too.

Dennis '99 YZ400F

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