90/100-21 front tire?

What do you guys think about running the 90 instead of the 80? What are the differences and do you like it or not?

I've had good luck in the Desert with the Dunlop 745 in the 90/100-21 size. If your riding a bigger bike, the wider tire up front helps the front end track smoother and straighter over rocks. I have not experienced any bad traits with the wider size.

I tried a 90 once, and it was OK on firmer ground, but in sand it had a tendency to skate on top instead of cutting in and biting.

I ran them for a while. They seemed a bit better and I felt they provided more protection from big hits, but they aren't available in all brands. I went back to the std size.

didnt like it, as someone mentioned it wanders too much and made the steering feel heavy.......i noticed it on any terrain, also felt i lost some accuracy and seemed like it was harder to pick and stay in lines............felt kinda mushy and never seemed to "plant"

I use the bigger size if I am going to be racing somewhere that is rocky with higher speeds just for a little more sidewall and rim/flat protection. Otherwise I stick with the 80.

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