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I blew it @ Pismo. 426 Stuck in second. Any Ideas?

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Well after my fifth ride on my 'new' '00 426, I seemed to have grenaded the transmission. Here is what happened: Lots of fast WFO riding, as well as stuffing some nice hits. Typical sand riding. Bike seemed to start shifting hard, and it seemed I started losing gears, finally getting stuck in second. This was over a period of maybe ten minutes. There is absolutely no "feel" in the shifter at this time, it seems as though it is not connected to anything inside the case. The bike has never popped out of gear.

I rode it back to the truck and parked it. The bike has very few hours on it. Oil level was low, but still reading on dipstick. I use Torco T4R synthetic blend.

Talked to someone who thinks it is a broken / bent shift fork. Sound about right?

So now that it will be getting fixed..Are any upgrades advisable from a later year 426? Maybe the first year had problems?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks for helping a new guy out.


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ive heard about a problem with 2nd gear on 426's at the dealer or something like that so i would look there or maybe look into some stronger clutch plates with stronger springs... my friend has a yz426 and he hasnt had any problems with it, but he doesnt race it... just my .02 :D🙂

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