Tusk Dual Sport kit on an 04 WR450

Just picked up an 04 WR450F from the original owner last weekend. Trying to sort of legally dual sport it and finding that here in Minnesota it's going to be near impossible. May have a couple not-so-100%-legal ideas, but that's another issue all together. Anyone with any help for MN licenseing let me know. Also if Wisconsin is easier my folks live there and my sister lives in South Dakota if that is easier too.

Anyway, bike is pretty much stock but with: all free mods done, FMF Q2 (not all that Q in my opinion), bark busters and a Trail Tech Vector computer. Also been geared a bit (52 rear).

So to make it ready for me and to dual sport it I bought: the Tusk dual sport kit, skid plate, frame guards a 49 tooth rear sprocket, and a Tusk shift lever. Anyone have anything I need to watch out for when installing this stuff? Pretty confident in doing it all, but just wondering if there are any gottcha's waiting for me from someone who has done this.

Also going to do a full tune up while I am working on it: oil, filter, air filter, coolant, plug and if I get ambitious enough a valve check.

Anything else to look for?


Thanks, will take some pics when it's all done.


I just finished putting on a TUSK kit couple of weeks ago:



My rear sprocket is 46T, front it 16T.. works great on pavement.



I like the rack

Kit installed fairly easily, with nothing too big sticking out as hard. I also did a TON of maintenance: oil, filter, coolant, brake bleed, plug and air filter. I also re-installed the coolant catch tank, installed skid plate, front fender, frame guards, bars....feels like I rebuilt the whole thing!!!

Anyway, last thing I need to do is hookup the Tusk light controller for the headlight. My light is broken so I am going to wait until the replacement arrives.

Otherwise just needs some sort of key so I don't accidentally leave the power on and I am all set.

Here is a pic of the before:


It already had new side panels, been cleaned up and sort of setup when i took this one.

And now after:



Not easy to see it all, but it's there.


How are those peel and stick blinkers working out?

I heard bad things about this kit, here on TT about "getting what you pay for" How is the kit working for you, any incorrect parts?

I heard bad things about this kit, here on TT about "getting what you pay for" How is the kit working for you, any incorrect parts?

I do not have this kit on my bike. The components are not DOT compliant, which is STRICTLY enforced here in Hawaii.

I do not have this kit on my bike.

the question is directed to those that have the kit

The components are not DOT compliant

what exactly does this mean?

Sorry, when I read, "you" in your question directly after "my" post, I thought that you were referring to "me".

DOT or D.O.T. means Department Of Transportation.


DOT or D.O.T. means Department Of Transportation.


obviously I know what the definition of DOT is

no you were not clear, you did not answer the question, I will rephrase the question.

What part of the kit is not DOT compliant, why do you say it's "not dot compliant"

The LED (Light Emitting Diode) turn signals, and the LED tail light, to be exact. I know this because I have inquired (asked) them directly about those specific (actual) items bearing (having) a DOT label. Their response was that they do not. Therefore, those components (pieces) will not pass a Department Of Transportation inspection.

ohh, that makes sense

you can buy the crappy old style DOT ones very cheap, but I would not want to run them, I had some, and the bulbs just do not last long when abused, led are a huge improvement

the expensive part of a kit is not the turn signals or tail light, it's all the wiring and controls, it's easy to replace the signals, I've had to replace broken ones many times

I agree, LED is the way to go on a motorcycle. They do not require much of an electrical draw and hold up well to vibrations and severe shock. Most of these components that are offered in brand specific "kits", like Baja Designs, (now defunct) ElectroSport, Sikas, Tusk, etc., all use the same manufacturer; K & S Technologies. K & S does offer D.O.T. compliant L.E.D. parts, but it does not appear that the companies that I have researched (listed above) use them in their "kits".

And to correct a previous post, it is not the wiring harness that is the most expensive component of a "kit". That can be made for around $15.

the labor to make a wiring harness is way more than 15 $, the rest of the kit can be bought in parts, the wiring harness is the hardest part, you can buy the tusk harness for 30 $ I sure could not build one of those

but every other part of the kit is easy to DIY

The real expense when making a harness if the connectors. Good ones are about $10~$15 a pair. Wire should be 14 gage, ideally. The main hot shouls be a 12 gage. You want to make it real nice, buy electric RC car silicone wire. Very flexible and robust and terrible expensive, about $3 a foot or so. Then a good plan of attack to minimize wiring needed.

I woosed out and bought a Baja Design. Connectors are not water proof, unfortunately and eventually, they will fail. At some point, I'll make my own system, copying the BD one as it is fairly modular in its' design.

Just remember, any kit not made specifically for your bike will require modification. If you are electrically savy, that may of no consequnce. But if you are clueless, a universal kit is a kiss of death.

For the money I think it's a fine kit. The rear signals, however are hard to see in bright sunlight and probably would fall off under power washing which a lot of people do (I don't).

For the money I think it's a decent kit compared to the 2x or 3x the other kits cost. As far as DOT vs. non-DOT , turn signals are not required in most states and the headlight and taillight are the only things needed to be DOT. Obviously the stock headlight is not, but if your state isn't completely anal it's a good kit to get you 90% legal with all the connecters and a nicely made harness ready to go. The taillight is excellent VERY bright and easy to see.

If the rear signals fall off I will simply replace them with different ones.

Big thing the kit needs was a key.

do any of the kits have a key? I have a dsc legalizer and no key either and it also adds at least 5 pounds of weight

The Baja Designs, Trick DS and Sicass all offer key add ons but.... they can be jumperd in 11 seconds, so do not think they offer and real secuity. You'd be better off hiding a toggle switch someplace.

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