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OT What a nice week

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Just had a fantastic week! First off, a friend that is riding Baja with us this Fall, he found a bike here in Colorado. I went and checked it out and bought it. Its a great bike '01 XR250. I don't think the last owner ever rode the darn thing. Well, Scott comes out to get it and just loves it. We've been friends for about 25 years. Stayed up till 3AM the two nights he was here. They only thing we've never done together is ride. Spent most of the day picking up car parts and heading out to do some shopping at Performance in Denver. Then spent an hour chasing each other around my field. Had a great visit. Told him that there will be no staying up till 3AM and getting up at 7:30 on the Baja ride. never seemed to be a problem when we were 21.

Even more OT but, have to brag. After several very long years my Firebird is almost finished. You can't see the things (small) that need to be done. The only things I paid to have done, seats recovered, rear end built and initial engine build. Everything else was done in my garage. Well, she won Best in Class Saturday. One judge told me it was a literal coin flip between me and another guy for Best in Class and Best in Show. Made me feel pretty good 🙂

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