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Hot Cams combo

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Hey all, i will be buying some hot cams tommorow, I have searched but got a little confused

I race enduro and harescramble, I would like a little more up to but dont want to loose any down low as I am heavy for the bike

I read somewhere that there is a combo of inlet and outlet hot cams(stage 1 and stage 2 or something) which give a good increase throughout the rev range,

Any Ideas will be appreciated


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Yup, that's what I have as well. I am the 1,2 combo with a YZF header and FMF Q4 muffler. When I ever get the jetting figured out, it should rip pretty good. I've already noticed a pickup on the bottom end and more on the top. right now I'm just fighting the bog and I'm sure I'm lean as every time I inclrease the main it gets better. Oh and yes I've adjusted the squirt and installed a 40 leak.

I think you'll like the HC1 and 2 combo.­čśĆ

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