Will a YZ 450 pipe fit the 01 WR426 ?

I'm not really up on the compatibility of the 450-vs-426 parts.

Anybody know if a YZ450 pipe will fit a 01 WR426?

I tried putting my 2001 yz 426 pipe on my 2003 wr 450 and it was very close to fitting.The only spot were it didnt fit was on the lower subframe bolt. on the 2003 the hole is not slotted like it is on the 2001, So i image the slotted subfram would allow the 450 pipe to bolt right on to the 01. oh yeah I put the yz 450 pipe on my wr 450 and the power increase was incredalbe. :)

Hey, bigd450 what jetting changes from stock if any did you have to do? I also just put a pipe from a yz 450 on my wr and I haven't changed any jetting as of yet. I do have a slight bog when i whack the trottle open from idle. I was just wondering if you encountered anything like that?...

Todd :)

I only changed the main jet to a 162. Mine does still have a little hesitation when it is idleing and you wack the throttle but when i'm riding it it's fine. I did adjust the fuel screw to get it there though not to sure were its at around two turns (i think). I am around 3000 to 4000 feet. :)

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