Honda 1998 CR250R

Hi guys,

Sorry for my english. I know you talk about Yamaha but I need information about Honda and I think you could help me. I'm a new rider.

I just bought a 1998 CR250R for the new season of motocross and I have some questions :


I would like to know what is the good compression for the engine. I know the compression ratio for the 1998 CR250R is 8.7 : 1 and I have 150 lbs on my motorcycle. Is it good or not ?


I know that my suspension (front and rear) was revalve by pro-tech suspension.

Here is my setting for my suspension.


Preload : stk (mm)

Compression : 15 click

Rebound : 15 click


Compression : 16 click

Rebound : 12 click

Spring rate : (274.4lbf/in)

Unloaded measurement without rider

(on stand) : 666 mm(26.2 in)

Loaded with rider : 567 mm(22.3 in)

Race sag : 99 mm (3.9 in)

Unloaded measurement without rider

(on stand) : 666 mm(26.2 in)

Bike loaded whitout rider : 646 mm(25.4 in)

Sag whitout rider : 20 mm (0.8 in)

Spring peload lenght now : 254 mm(10.0 in)

Spring peload lenght min : 264 mm(10.4 in)


I search for :

Tune pipe Stock (Honda) or

Tune pipe and silencer FMF or

Tune pipe and silencer Pro-Circuit or

Tune pipe and silencer Bill's.

Thank you

1997 ZX7RR with engine ZX9R

1999 Warrior 350

1998 CR250R

We don't speak two stroke here. :)

I suggest you repost this to or the newsgroup

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