Need a Front Rotor (Most XRs will work)!!!

I have a badly warped front rotor and don't wish to buy new (saving for house). Do any of you have a straight rotor you would be willing to sell or know someone who might??? Bikes that will work include 91-03 XR250/400/600/650R/650L and 92-94 CR125/250/500. If you can be of help please reply or shoot me a PM.

I fixed mine on a brand new bike (200 dirt miles) like this, cause I figured it would just happen again. Using an "alcohol based" thick black felt pen (sharpie) spin the wheel and mark a line on the outer edge of both sides of the rotor. Continue spinning the wheel and the high spots will erase the black ink. Get a big (15") adjustable wrench (smooth jaws with no burrs) and carefully flex those warps back the other way. Start easy and remark the rotor several times and you can improve it a lot.

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