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looking for help in Nanaimo B.C. 2007 DRZ

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Hi guys, I am new to the forum here and my last bike was a harley. I just bought a 2007 drz 400 with 2000km's on it. I am not very mechanical but would like to learn how to do things on this bike. I guess I am just looking for someone to show me the basics for this bike and help me with the loc tight fixes and a carb ajustment if needed. would be happy to pay for someones time to walk me through things.



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mpjustin- don't be too intimidated... the folks here at TT are very helpful IF you get in over your head, but the threads do a pretty good job of helping you avoid pitfalls in the first place...

example- You want to rejet your carb... SOMEBODY will warn you to order new float bowl screws. There are threads with step by steps and pictures... take pictures as you go, so you can retrace your steps if you screw up, or TT'ers can help you source what you did wrong.

Also- SOME of the fixes are "REALLY" simple to do, with not much of a chance of messing up...

Spend an hour a day reading threads on the DRZ... at first, it will all look Greek, but eventually it starts kind of making sense... then go out in the garage and turn a wrench, and it really starts to gel, and then before you know it, you are replacing top ends, sealing water pumps, truing rims, etc.

The basics of the bike are: read the FAQs, ask a question in the post about a specific thing, and watch TT'ers come to the rescue...

and you can PM me or email me with any questions... I'm not much of a mechanic either, but the lok tite fixes, 3x3 and rejet, re geared/re chained, armor, shift lever, smooth out the brake lever... That sort of stuff, was ALL a breeze.

There are also some DRZ gurus that will really help you out if you need it, but probably won't answer such a generic question...the more you wrench, the more comfortable you get (OR, you figure out it's just easier to take it to a mechanic... no shame in that, either... the pros do it that way)

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+1 on that. This is an amazing technical forum and your fellow TT'ers will always help you out.

BTW, if you haven't already, check out dualsportbc.com if you want to meet some riders in your area. I highly recommend it.

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