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Dell Taco, Changed Mid and Base Valve, and Taco Sauce

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I just got done installing the Dell Taco mod modifying the base valve and mid valve with shim stacks set up by Dave and also using the new blowoff(?) springs. I set the oil level 110mm from the top and the clickers are 9 out on the rebound and 10 out on the compression.

After installation I could tell the forks are much much stiffer. Before I could push down on the handlebars and compress the forks over half way and it would be very springy. Now I can only push done 3 or 4 inches and it is a very gradually firm feel.

I went to the track this morning and the first thing I did was take the bike down the gate entrance road to warm up the engine. The first thing I notice was that there were no bumps! I thought I was riding on a pillow. I then went out on the track. It was definitely a huge improvement. It made the small stuff disappear completely, and softened the medium sized bumps, and it handled the big stuff very well. The track is sand and rarely prepped, and there were some huge breaking bumps and acceleration bumps. My bike just floated right over them as if they weren't even there. I also slammed down hard after some singles and jumps and according to my zip tie on the fork leg, I still have about 2 inches of travel left to go.

My friend who has a 2008 YZ250f who race's AMA C class rode my bike and said the suspension as a whole felt incredible (also modified the shock with Dave's help.) He said it was much better than his bike, and in fact the forks were as good if not better than they are on his 08.

After a few good hours on the bike, I was going a LOT faster and carrying much much more momentum into and through the corners. According to my friend I was going about 80-90% of my race pace. I was just focusing on being smooth today and I wasn't jumping hardly anything either as the track was real rough. Another thing is that I wasn't getting tired as quickly as I have in the past.

So to sum it up with the added performance and added confidence, based on today's ride, it appears that Dave's work has enabled me to go faster with less effort. The Dell Taco mod and special fluid was a huge improvement. Going again tomorrow and I can't wait. Thanks Dave:thumbsup:


EDIT: Forgot to mention the forks also made the bike jump a lot better. The bike jumps a lot leveler and doesn't nose dive as much.

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That open bath fork kit is a mind blower. They really do transform that fork

to compete with the TC's or even feel better than the tc's:worthy:

Glad to hear you got everything together and working great.­čśĆ

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