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New OHV area in the works

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In and email published on Nor Cal Dualsport yahoo group

Here is a chance to take part in the development of an ohv area:


We are ready to roll on the Bagley Mt. Demonstration OHV Project and we need

your help. I know this is a short notice but this must be done before winter.

I believe I told you that ROC got a grant to do a planning project at Begley

Mountain in the Shasta-Trinity NF for a managed OHV 'pod' to provide

recreational opportunities for the public that cannot be taken away. We have

been up to our eyeballs in planning and writing up plans and getting them

approved. We are close on that portion. We have just been granted permission

to do a traffic study on Fenders Ferry Road to see what the use is already out

there. This information will be of so much value to us. We are going to need a

lot of volunteers to help us. This is what we are going to do.

Recreation Outdoors Coalition has received a grant from the Shasta County RAC to

begin a planning process to develop a managed OHV 'pod' at Bagley Mountain, off

Fenders Ferry Road. Part of the process is to determine what present day use

is, look at what is out there in the way of recreational opportunities, see what

the potential is to increase opportunity, determine right-of-ways with current

land owners that are contained within the forest boundaries and then prepare a

plan to develop the area into a well managed, sustainable, OHV area. ROC has

obtained written permission from Forest Supervisor, Sharon Heywood and District

Ranger Christi Cotini to prepare this plan and are just finalizing the paperwork

now. This project is an incredible opportunity for the public to be involved

from the inception of an idea and to show the FS what we, the public, can do if

given a chance. This is YOUR forest and through us, you now have a say in what

happens in this plan. You can also help us in completing parts of what needs to

be done.

One of the first things past the paperwork that ROC will be doing will be a

traffic study on the Fenders Ferry Road. This study will give us an idea of who

is using the area, where they are coming from, use, numbers of people, types of

vehicles, etc. There will be 7 traffic count stations that will be manned from

7am to 7pm. We would like to have at least two people work each site but it can

be done in shifts if we can recruit enough volunteers. These counts will be

done on the following days: Sunday, July 25 and Wednesday July 28. Sunday,

August 8 and Wednesday 18th. Sunday, September 5 (Labor Day weekend) and

Wednesday 15th. Sunday, October 3 and Wednesday 20th. Sunday November 7 and

Wednesday 17th. Notice these are Sundays and Wednesdays from 7am to 7pm. We

would like to have a training session for all those who volunteer on Saturday,

July 24th which will only take about an hour. We need to get you the forms and

show you how to fill them in. We will provide you with envelopes and addresses

where to send your completed form to.

We greatly appreciate your help. This can be your opportunity to get involved

in an easy, fun way. We did this on the Lassen National Forest in 2005 and I

took a book to read and also a table where I cut out several quilts to pass

time. Some of you also participated in the LNF study.

Please contact myself: Sylvia Milligan smilligan4732@sbcglobal.net... or

530-365-4732 530-365-4732 or Steve Uhles at: aduhles@... or

530-275-1547 530-275-1547 if you can volunteer a few hours to help keep the

public lands open.

Thank you.


If anyone has the time or want. we need help.

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