2 ride oil

heres my problem,

im using motoul 5100 oil and everytime i replace the oil it lasts no more than 2 rides before it is completely black. Im riding an 08 yz450 with about 90 hours on the clock. I ride motocross and i don't think that i ride the clutch a lot. The bike has had no engine modifications and i replaced the clutch plates just after i bought the bike second hand. The guy before me was running no clutch freeplay and this burnt out the clutch. I have been having this problem for a couple of months when i done a woods ride and was really reliant on the clutch trying to get up some slippery hills. Any one know the cause? Please help?

Try a different oil i run rottella 2 rides and its still clean but i don't race... A buddy runs Lucas and he loves the stuff he races nationals but he said he can tell a difference in how the bike runs and feels from other oils...... To answer your question tho that about normal when you run a bike hard.

Blackened oil is usually the result of oxidization from the oil's inability to tolerate the engine heat, or from fuel contamination. Try switching up to see if a different oil will react differently.

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