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DRZ200 Street Legal?

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I have a DRS400S which I may sell for a DRZ200 street legal. I want a lighter bike.

Will this bike have enough power? I weigh 150 and will be using it to go to work and school and hit some trails on the weekend.

I will be using a 450f for desert and track so the drz is not my only bike.

The 400 is a pig but has nice power. I am willing to sacrafice some power for lighter weight.

How is the reliability of the DRZ200 for street and dirt riding?

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The ad says drz200 so maybe he means 250. How fast does it top out at? I just dont want to be dissapointed with being underpowered and being it being to slow top speed wise.

Hows the reliability compared to the drz400?

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The bike is a DRZ200SE street legal.

He wants to trade for my drz400. His bike has 3200 miles while mine has 3k miles.

He is willing to add $600 cash.

Is this fair or should I ask for more?

His bike looks like it is in great shape.

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