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Thursday Adventure

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Earlier this week realize my rear tire is flat (must have been Trinidad) and need a new rear tire anyway. I make my best attempt at changing tire - doesnt work very well and I end up pinching the new tube.

I'm supposed to go ride with a friend who hasnt ridden in about 20+ years on Thursday.

Take tire down to Vickery to get changed and they are swamped. Finally get out of there with new tire. Load bikes and pick up my friend. It's about 1:15 and I havent eaten anything yet. Swing by Chipotle. Eat. Keep moving.

Figure we will go down to Rampart as he hasnt been riding really in 20 years and is just getting back into it. Looks like rain. Could go north? nah. Rampart.

Cross C470 and it starts drizzling. Keep moving. Starts raining. Driving up to Rampart, a couple of cars are stopped on the road in front of us. Stop moving. Apparrently a septic truck slid across the road and is blocking the whole road. Need semi sized tow truck to get it out. Not moving.

So we decide it's not going to work. Head back to Denver. See the semi tow truck about Sante Fe and Belleview....

I decide I'm going to the Thunder Valley and get some semblance of a ride in, then think better of it for my friend's sake and we make a dash for Georgetown.

Can't complain with the following pics:









Stop in Idaho Springs on the way home and have some good food.

Driving back to Denver and around Evergreen a deer darts across the highway. Swerve to miss him - thankfully no one in the lane next to me, but unfortunately still hit him. Minimal damage to rear quarter panel but not how I wanted to end the day.

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pace = That's Argentine Pass. Looks down on Montezuma. Lot of construction work going on heading out of Georgetown towards Guenalla Pass though.

We feel very lucky that the deer incident wasnt much worse.

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