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DR 200 Rear Tire Size

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Hi. New to enduros and this forum; and trying to figure this stuff out... I bought an 06 Suzuki DR 200 and it had skinny street tires on it so I bought new tires ... the rear tire I got is a 130/90R-18 but now there is no clearance at all. I can't pull the rear wheel back any further and still less than 1/8 inch clearance. Not sure I should ride off-road like that ... would suck to get a twig caught in it!

I am trying to figure out if the tire I got is too big or if the previous owner took links out of the chain! I suspect they may have given the skinny road tires they had on it but I have no clue.

Before I sit and count every link, does anyone have advice... THANKS!

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