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Exhaust/Frame issues, with pics!

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Ok so long story short I had a little crash and noticed when I checked everything out that there was a little crack on my pipe near where it comes out from under the frame, between the two spring mounts.

My question is what would be the best way to fix this? I can weld a little, but from what I understand certain types of metals need special types or welders? Do I need to send the pipe off to a company that does these types of things?

Worst case I know people who weld for a living, I just wanted some info from you guys.

My second question is about the mount on the frame, it WAS like a little raised up rectangular shape, with a nut kind of in there that a bolt threaded into, well as you can see, half of that is gone.

How should I go about fixing this as well? In the second picture you can see where I'm missing the rubber part(which you can see I've already had to put a bolt through before) of the mount on the pipe and the cylindrical spacer. The bike is an 07 YZ250 btw.

Thanks in advance guys.



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