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spray paint worked ridiculously well on my bicycle. poor grips had to be cut off long before they were past their useful life lol.

for the mx bike i use grip glue and safety wire them on. i don't want to be found holding my grip in one hand instead of the handlebar.

also, when you use grip glue apply it with a brush evenly around the inside of the grip. that is usually why i see grips falling off.

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My style, first to clean the bar with brake cleaner from dirt and grease. Then spray some brake cleaner inside your grip and it slides in gently. After that you do the wiring. 24h and your grips will stay on their place.

On the left side I cut the end of the grip away and install this aluminum cap into the end of the handle bar to keep dirt and stuff away. Also if you crash, your handlebar wont dig in to the dirt so easily.

edit. how to get those grips away? Try to spray some brake clearer inside the grip and it melts again and slides away easily. Do not use acetone.. it totally melts the grips. ๐Ÿ‘

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