pw 80 oil injection

i was given a 99 pw80 a few weks ago. it had a bad top end because the previous owner ran it out of oil. however there is still oil in the tank. maybe he tried adding some after it stopped running he doesnt remember if it did or not. i am worried that the oil injection wont be working and i will just blow it up again if i try and start it. how can i test if it works?

PW80s will run on piss and vinegar. Put 20:1 pre-mix in the tank, disconnect the hose from the pump to the carb on the carb side, plug the carb nipple (electrical tape would do, a length of hose with a screw in it, anything to temporarily keep the carb from sucking air in the hole), run the engine. You should get a stead drip of oil, I don't remember the PW80 specs, but the KE100 is supposed to be 3 ml per 3 minutes at idle. It might need to be primed which I forget what the procedure is since I've never had to do it. I hope someone remembers.

But I'd expect within 5 minutes of running at idle it should have primed itself if there's oil in the tank.

3ml is roughly half a teaspoon.

ok thanks i put some 32:1 in from my RM so i;m sure it will be fine

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