It's been a while and I can use some advice

1st post here. It's been a while since I rode mountain trails on my '87 yz. I am looking for a good bike to get restarted with. I always said that I would do this when kids grew and....they did.

I am 50 yrs old, 6 ft, 205lbs and in good shape (i think). What I will be doing: (trail riding in the Sierra's, Kennedy Meadows) anywhere from 3-8k elevation.

So far, I really like the wr250 2007 and up but I ran across a 2002 wr426 in new condition, cheap! No electric start :smirk:

Any opinions if this would be a good bike? I do my own service and mods but as I said, it's been a while and things have changed. I need to get the right gear as well. Thanks Dan

If you are riding just for fun and enjoyment, and have a decent budget, then the electric start is worth a million dollars.

Hi I did a lot of research when looking for the bike have now and must say that after all the info that I got from 400 owners I felt that they would be avioded ( poor starting ) so I went for the WR426 .Once you find the correct way to start they run very well.Mine goes 1st or 2nd kick every time hot or cold.

The WR450 would be ideal as the electric boot would make life easy but they are a bit more to fork out cash wise.

I have also heard that the WR426 is better in the mud ( a claim as yet untried ).

I have had loads of off road bikes DR125 DT125 XR250 Te610 and a KDX220 but i will say the WR426 is the best so far.


ty jono and all, i will let you know if and how it works out. The price of this bike may be too good to pass up if i can justify kickstart.

Thats a great bike as long as its in good shape.

If you want to ride you will learn the start drill

You can install a 03+ YZ exhaust cam and starting will be that much easier

Went and looked at the 426, like new condition just as advertised. Too bad it is a YZ and not WR as advertised lol. Think I heard that beast snickering at me when I was leaving.

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