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Best aftermarket dirt bike plastics??

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Hi, I buy alot of blown up dirtbikes and then rebuild them and sell them on usually putting a new graphics and plastics kit on them, just to smarten them up a bit.

I have used UFO, Cycra and Acerbis.

I found Cycra were very good quality but not the cheapest on the market but, I figuered you get what you pay for.

I then bought a set of Acerbis plastics, believing all the hype and advertising. Thinking they would be worth the extra money. When it came to fitting them they didnt fit nearly as good as the Cycra plastics, then when it came to fitting the graphics on them. I fitted the graphics on them as I always have done and within about 2 weeks the graphics had bubbled up all over the platics and basically written off. To solve this problem I bought another set of UFO plastics because they were abit cheaper and I wanted to keep costs down to obviously keep profit to a maximum lol. I fitted the same graphics that I fitted on the acerbis plastics in the same way and they were perfect !

So maybe its the way acerbis plastics are molded/formed and there is a certain coating on them that doesnt get washed off with water when cleaning them for preperation for graphics or what but in my opinion they were not worth the money.

Iv bought numerous more UFO plastics and never had any problems, same with the cycra plastics. Moral of the story if it aint broke, dont fix it lol.

Id go with Cycra or UFO because the quality is good and the price is quite good aswell.

The one in my avatar is my most recent one and I'm, keeping that, have a look and make your own judgment on quality lol.

Hope this helps 😏

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i've used UFO, Cycra and Acerbis

the ufo would get white marks where the plastic streatched

but the fit waqs perfect and they didn't crack

I can't comment on the marks with cycra as mine were white, but there doesn't appear to be any discolour from bending, these plastics did however crack and break apart from stones and roost, the front number plat and fender is cracked and chips taken out of it.

the plastics were pretty resilient to scratchs compared to the other two mentioned. The fitment wasn't great the shround mounting points where slightly off and new graphics do need trimming.

Acerbis i felt where the best, i have yet to crack a fender, or find discolouration due to bending and so on. they will scratch up easier compared to the cyrca but then they wont crack and break as easily.

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So the way I see it Ufo fits great but has discoloring troubles, Cycra fits good, no dicoloration (which is my main worry since my bike is exposed to the sun a lot) but cracks/brakes/dents and its pricey, Acerbis despite its famous name has fitting issues but no much discoloration. hmm! this its been really useful. thankyou guys!!

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I like to use polisport fork guards, front and rear fender. then use a UFO front number plate, shrouds, and side panels. Its a matter of toughness and mixing and mathcing fitment. I have experience in plastic testing, however my dad will not buy cycra. Too much money

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