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what is this l shaped part?

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ok *** is the L shaped bit i found under my bash plate?

i decdided to clean my bike a little bit (no it's true)

behind one of the bash plates i found this bit.

when the bike blew it's head gasket i actually stopped riding it because it started making a hollow noise as if the header pipe had fallen off -

appears that it was this which is just above the header pipe and appears to be in a hole which is straight thru to the exhaust port.

I can only guess that the block got hot (due to blown head gasket) and it then fell out?

hopefully it will just push back in to place?

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it's in the manwell afterall - not under the cylinder head section or the exhaust section but tucked in with the carby - it is where the "Air Induction System" would go - obviously something not on the ADR delivered models.

now how to make sure it doesn't fall out again? (loctite and snot)

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