Adjustable Cam gears


I have just finished putting on, and fine tunning the Falicon Cam gears that I ordered. I don't know if I would of been able to do it with out your previouse post on the WR page. I would just like to take this time to say Thanks.....

I will be going out riding on friday so I will see how it does. I will report back with my info.....

I am really looking forward to hear what you impressions were of this mod. BTW, How much can I expect to shell out if I go for this on my scoot. Thanks again for the info.




I'm also waiting to see what kind of improvment this made. The Cam gears are $175 plus shipping to Ca. So $195. $10 for getting the old gears pressed off and the new put on. The hardest part was to get the protractor to fit on the flywheel nice and tight. Also getting the dial guage to fit agaist the lifers with out binding and to make sure it would not move. The hole process took along time and a lot of patience.

spud, have you gone for the modified cam timing or the standard figures that i gave you?

good luck. i've waited a long time for someone to have a crack at this & i hope you feel the same very noticeable improvement.

my bike (a WZ) has the standard 'reasonably open' zorst, flywheel weight, standard needle lifted (DXM) air box lid off. 45 pilot.

if you already have other changes you may not feel it. but i'm 90% sure you will!

maybe as a newbie you can post at the end of this any improvements in my instructions i can make & what you "couldn't get your head around" etc.



I went with the 108 atdc, and 110 btdc. The one thing that I'm stumped on, is how exactly you can come up with those figure. For now I will try it at those. They where the modified ones correct. If not could you give me the modified settings so I could try those.

My bike has

whitebrothers e-series exhaust

FMF powerbomb header.

UNI air filter, air box lid removed.

I'm now hopeing that I can change my jets, now that my bike is finally running right, ever sence I bought the bike it never ran 100%.It was running rich with the stock jetting at sea level. I think the cam gear sliped on the cam before I even owened it, but sliped more the last time I took it out.At least enough this time to know there is a problem. I will let you know about the jets the minute I find out myself.


they are the modified figures.

the std ones on a yz are 113 inlet & 101 exhaust (from memory). you've opened the inlet later (which is SAFER) & you've opened the exhaust earlier (which is SAFER). I USE THE TERM OPENED BUT OBVIOUSLY THAT'S THE SAME AS SAYING THE MAX LIFT IS...

so if you've done it correctly have no fear on the valve to piston.

i got the figures confirmed to me several times over the years setting up FZR & CBR 600's.



Well I took the bike out today, All I can say is I'm very happy with the results. It seems to have more lowend grunt. It is alot easier to get the front wheel of the ground. I raced a couple of my budies down a sand wash, I just completely spanked them. When I finally looked back they where nolonger there. I will rip the sparkplug out to see how it is running, if I can finally up jet or not. Thanks...........


that's brilliant, you had me worried. what's a geniune improvement, what's a little better. it's hard to describe isn't it?

i really noticed it when i rolled off & on again. i didn't have to cog down, you know?

now you can call yourself a 'blueprinter'.

your jetting will go down spud. remember your 'blow painting' at school? if you blow softly you lack control, blow fast & it paints to order. we over compensate our jetting to get rid of flat spots, effectively running rich.

get that airspeed sailing through & you can jet down making the engine crisper.

your settings sounded a bit rich before you started so let us know.


Hi Guys!

I just thought I'd chime in and suggest a new cam timing set up. Try between 103 and 107 lobe centers you might be happier with the results. Just FYI.


Yamaha Factory race team

now admit it BK your nickname is 'deepthroat' & you used to keep meeting robert redford in multi-storey car parks, right!

so if we keep getting close, you'll tell us what to "look out for". lovely jovely!

thanks for the help BTW. i would have tried 105-108 but i badly wanted more off the bottom.

if this vortex ignition as well as the zorst system that clark recommended are good off the bottom, i will adjust.



Yeah your right it is always kind of hard to tell if there has been an improvment in the power of your bike, Escpecially when you have been working on it in the garage for 2 weeks. Anything would run better. I also noticed the improvement when you would roll of then on the gas again. that I would not have to change gears. Did you end up spot welding the part of the cam gear that was pressed on. like the instructions kind of recomended.

Do you think the top end has sacrificed any with this timing change. I never realy got a good chance to try it out, besides playing in the sand wash. Thanks.........


you say it as you find it. otherwise your view won't be valued by onlookers, so i suggest you ride it a few more times & even swap bikes with somebody, how does that sound?

i've lost nothing at all, power wise. getting the jetting sorted will help.

post again your air in to air out mods & give us your carb settings again.



I will be riding it again this weekened, going out to Glammis. I will be bringing some extra jets. to play with well I'm out there I should have a lot better feel for things when I get back. I will post the jetting and all that fun stuff when I get back.

well spud we're waiting...



Sorry about the wait. Well the bike ran great out in Glammis I rode it for a couple of rides. so that I could get a good plug reading. When I got the plug out It was bone white. to the point of going done to the store to get a bigger jet. I put the next size main jet in. It was still white. I even went as far as going up two more sizes. I went all the way up to a 195. I took out the plug it was still white. By then I was getting tired of taking off the tank and checking it. so I was done for the night. besides a wind stor came up and I did not want to rip the bike a prt to get to the carb with all the sand blowing a round. The next morning I raised the needle one clipso it was in the 5th. and put the stock main jet in it because aparantly it was not the main. I Never got around to checking it again. Because that morning my budy broke his color bone. so it eneded the trip. I have been to busy with school to go out and check the plug. I will do it tonight.

The reason I thought it was the main jet, instead of the needle or anything else was because I tried to keep it at about 3/4 to full throttle when checking the plug. Aparantly I was not succesful. the funny thing was that even after I went up to a 195 main the bike did not bog on the top I did not even realy notice a differnce.

What do you think about changing the needle like one of the other Thumper member recomended doing.On the 400.


I just checked my plug it has a little bit of color on one side of it I think I will move the clip down one more poistion so it is in the 6th slot. I just need more time to play a round with the jetting, the problem is time is running very thin. The bad thing about Glamis was that I could not keep it at full throttle very long before something popped up infromt of me. I need to find a place where I have a nice flat spot.

Thanks for your patience Taffy. Ryan


I have only FMF power bomb header, E-series silencer. And a aftermarket filter. No other mods that were in the motor.

I took the gas one way vent off of the tube. so it vents straight threw.

You don't think the exhaust would make it run leaner? Because it makes it breath better.

I will check the color of the pipe and report back to you.


something doesn't smell right spud.

not terrible, just, well, not right.

this is when you really have to believe you set these up correctly.

no way should you be running this lean.

undo the exhaust at it's centre section & check the colour here.

what fuel are you running?

is the fuel tank venting correctly?

what else have you done besides the cam timing.




i don't know how i missed it whilst reading the first time.

you did you're plug chop at 3/4 throttle!

well you should have a good idea now how it goes. next time you pull it down (tappets or something) go to BK's figures & compare. as long as he is privy to the cams they are running etc have a go.

you know my reasons for my figures.



Are your numbers applicable to both the 426 and 250?


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