Adjustable Cam gears


This is my first 4 stroke so when I was at glamis I was not sure how long it would take to color the plug. when running it. So when I mentioned to you that I was running at about 3/4 throtle. It was on average, give or take a little. Know I realize that the plug changes color just as quickly as a 2 stroke would.


of course the figures are applicable to the 426!!! why wouldn't they?

the 250? you give me the cam lift figures in increments of 5D & i'll give you some timing figures.

what's all this with BK this & BK that anyway. the general knowledge to run these things is here. he's a good guy but everytime he visit's the site he must want to just shut down his computer & weep in the corner.

we've got guys who can't change a plug asking about a wet sump conversion coz it saves 2/3lb in weight!

the above isn't necassarily aimed at you DJ, ok?


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