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DR tool tube

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(Copied from ADV post)

Ive been on call for work for a week. Been quite bored, so in between calls I spent a bit of time in the garage. Thought Id share one of the things my boredom produced...

Ordered one of these: http://www.agrisupply.com/operators-.../67670/c2p/hp/ Cut off the plastic mounting brackets and wiped off the yellow print with some carb cleaner. Removed the dinky stock tool kit and took some measurements to fab up this bracket:


After a bit of tweaking and a couple of rubber bushings between the bracket and the frame here's where it sits. Also took the opportunity to stash some zip ties and hose clamps on the frame:


Had to do a little trimming of the inner fender. Checked tire clearance with a straight edge...room to spare:


Some finished product shots:




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