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how to whip

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dont quote me on this because i cant whip myself but i thought i read somewhere if you did it properly the bike should come back on its own and if not give it a panic rev

you are correct about it bringing itself back. here you can see it just starting to come back


also, this jump in the pic is at 2:17, you can hear me give it some gas to bring it back as well as other jumps in this video.

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hi, i was wondering what is the best ways to whip, and how to bring it back? i can kinda whip right now but i have trouble bringing it back :cheers:

Before you begin to practice doing the whip find a smooth faced jump with no ruts on the face. The whip can be performed even when there are some small ruts in the face of the jump but it is much easier to do without ruts. Make sure itโ€™s a safe jump (like a tabletop) but has enough hang time to get it sideways and pull it back straight for the landing. Approach the jump at an angle so you can turn the bike off the jump and still hit your intended landing target. As your coming into the jump lean your body (mostly your hips) off the inside of the bike a little. This would be to the side that you are leaning. Just as the bike begins to rebound continue leaning it over and as it starts to rebound let the back end come out to the side. As it leaves the jump you can pull it over more by the handlebars and by leaning more off to the inside or you can straighten it up or let it stay the same. Right after that instant make sure you find the center of balance with your body movement. Then at the top arch of your jump start to reverse the movement that you executed upon takeoff. This will give you enough time to straighten it up for the landing. To get all the detailed info about jumping and whoops visit www.gsmxs.com for free Jumping Technique DVD Previews and to order online. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

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