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Jetting Confirmation

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2005 DRZ 400E California model


Stock exhaust with snorkel removed

Hey all I just moved from Cali to New Mexico so Sea Level to 5K foot elevation.

Will be riding at 5K up to 10K and would like to be good for the annual 12K ride.

I currently have a Dynojet stage 1 kit with ext. fuel screw and I'm running the 140 main and the other needle says 2.5. (maybe 22.5?)

If my searching is correct I'll want to move down to 128 main.

Not sure about the fuel screw turns. Your assistance is appreciated.

BTW - the SSW super start kit KICKS ASS. Thanks Eddie.

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Hello, just bought a 2003 KLX400R that came from California. It has stock pipe, no air box mods. The bike has a 162 main and 65 pilot and has the JD jet kit with the blue needle. So here in Colorado what should I start with? Here is what I am thinking. 150 Main jet, 48 pilot jet, use the red needle and 2.25 out on fuel screw. Any help would be appreciated!


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Sorry to bother again.

Can you give me the full settings for taking the mikuni to 5K to 10K elevation.

I want to do this right since the carb is all the way out.

So far I'm putting the stock needle back, only 1 clip position, do I need the white washer for stock needle? or did that come with the dynojet kit?

Please let me know all the other needle types I need and turns. Thanks in advance.

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I am having problems now.

I re-installed the stock needle and I get a bog at 1/4 throttle and it dies.

Idles fine just nothing after that.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

BTW - I can't get my float bowl to stop leaking, I've tightened that screw so far that I'm getting worried I'll break it off.

Thanks again.

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