Punctured rear brake line... Braided hose time?

This happened and left me with no rear brakes...


You guys think I should go braided hoses or just get a replacement part.

I use the bike as a sumo also, but the brakes on the street feel adequate. Perhaps on the track the braided hoses will make a difference?

So, should I replace both hoses with braided lines or just replace the rear with a OEM Yamaha rubber line?

I doubt you'll notice any difference going to a braided line but I think it may be cheaper. So a stronger line and less expensive.... sort of a no brainer, I suspect...

Maybe a good deal can be had if you do them both at the same time. The front will certainly make a difference in Sumo trim, not so much on the dirt.

You were right,

I can get front and rear fren tubo braided lines for the price of 1 OEM rear line....


Will be going the braided route then :smirk:

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