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my arenacross race :)

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In practice i was double-double-ing a rythem section and somebody went to triple double it and collided with me mid air, he went to the hospital for a major concussion, just had to win practice.

My friend in his heat race, he would later endo and end up with a mild concussion, i was on the line waiting for my heat to start when it happened and at first I laughed and thought he was frustrated because he was just laying there staring at the sky, later found out he was knocked out, whoops!



I raced my heat, took 4th ­čśĆ advanced to the finals, whereeeee

my gate flipped forward then back ( i swear) which put me towards the back, 2nd corner there was a pileup I couldnt avoid, some guy fell on top of me, couldnt get his own bike up, so I was like outta the way jr. and picked both of them up (his leaning against mine) and took off, by this time I was a lap down, I still managed to pass 2 people eventually

bike kinda got roughed up a lil



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