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2010 wr250 weight

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Looking at 2010 wr250, 3.99 interest rate, fuel injected, dual sport, seems like a winner.

I wonder about the almost 300 lb weight in the trails and woods. Any real life experiences yet compared with say the 2008 wr which is almost 50 lbs lighter? thanks

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Yup, wrong forum for discussing a WR-250R.

But, since I own both a 2008 WR-250R and a 2009 WR-250F... ­čśĆ

There is no difference between a 2008, 2009, or 2010 WR-250R.

Same machines with different decals, and the 2010 has sleek gold anodized upper fork tubes.

All three model years of the WR-250R weigh the same since they're the same machine without changes.

The reason the weight figures are different, as pointed out already, is because recently, all of the Japanese manufacturers started listing the weight specs in wet weight (with all fluids in place) instead of the way they'd been doing it for a million years, which is dry weight (without fluids).

The WR that's almost 50 lbs. lighter is the off-road WR-250F.

You gotta' realize that saying just "WR-250" ain't cutting it when there's a WR-250R and a WR-250F, and if you want an accurate discussion and/or correct answers, don't forget to include the R for the dual-purpose bike, and the F for the off-road bike.

As already pointed out, they're not the same machine, and not by a country mile.

The dual-purpose WR-250R ain't a bad trail bike.

You can feel the extra 40 lbs and the suspension ain't in the same league as the WR-250F, but once uncorked (EPA restrictions removed so it'll run much better), it has good power and takes to trail riding well enough.

You'll just be going slower than you would be on the WR-250F because the cheaper suspension and extra weight won't allow you to go as fast with the same confidence.


What's it good for, then?

Being able to trail ride and then rip down the road fast enough to keep up with modern traffic.

And be very smooth while doing it, too.

The WR-250F is lighter, has, by comparison, a REAL off-road suspension (trust me - this makes all the difference in the world with how much confidence you have in the rough stuff), has more power and quicker-reving power (yet is still completely managable), stronger brakes, vastly better straight-line stability, and, to make a long story short, should work a lot better off-road because that's it's only intended place to be since the WR-250F ain't sold as a street-legal bike. ­čśĆ

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The F, X and R does get confusing. Even many dealerships get it mixed up especially when the identifier is "the one with a headlight."

Thanks for that clarification. It's good to read posts of owners. There's alot of confusing info out there on the web.
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